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Thoughts of Southwest Georgia and quail hunting invoke memories of times past. Men and dogs searching field edges and stands of longleaf pines for those explosive and fast flying bobwhites.

It doesn't have to be a memory. Since 1986, our goal at CoveyRise Plantation, Inc. has been to provide our guests the ultimate quail hunting experience. We are ready to turn your memory into reality.

CoveyRise Plantation, Inc. is exclusive. We do not mix different groups together. This adds greatly to you and your guests enjoyment. We can accommodate up to sixteen hunters. Minimum group size is eight hunters to book your trip. Remember this trip is about your enjoyment. 


We hunt out of fully equipped jeeps with two guests, one guide and four to six dogs. Walking while hunting is encouraged, but can be held to a minimum if needed. Our guides are the backbone of your hunting experience at CoveyRise.  

They love quail hunting and they love helping guests have a great time. They all have many years of experience with dogs and shooting. As our guides are the backbone of your hunting trip, our dogs are the heart and soul. There are few sites in the outdoors more reverent than a brace of birddogs on point. It's almost better than the shooting. If you have your own dogs, they are welcome at CoveyRise.

Covey Rise Plantation, Inc. has a wide variety of hunting courses. We hunt through longleaf pine woods, broom sedge patches, and along field borders, all thick with quail. Several of our courses afford views of the Flint River during your hunt.

Our combination of hunting areas, dogs, and guides help set CoveyRise Plantation, Inc. apart. And when you add our lodging and dining we can't be beat.